Sunfired Wellness Retreat

The Sunfired Wellness Experience is a way to detoxify the body with raw foods, juices, herbal tonics, yoga and spa treatments. Retreat and Revitalize your life in Mother Nature’s healing environment with purifying coconut, spring and sea waters, along with the good vibes at Aris Life Regenerative Spa.

Wellness Experience Workshops and Activities Include:
      Healing Through Eating
      Juicing & Fasting Seminars
      Digestive & Colon Care
      Live Food Preparation
      Body Wrap
      So Much More...

The 2018 Sunfired Wellness Experience is offered on an year round open schedule basis.

Sign up for this detox journey and treat yourself to a well-deserved self-healing adventure through The Art and Science of Dr. Aris’ Sunfired Feasting, Fasting & Flushing Program for total body ecology in harmony with the rhythms of your life. 

Menu Offerings Include:
      Coconut Water
      Fruit & Vegetable Juices
      Herbal Tonics
      Earth Milks
      Sunfired Royal Feast
      Elimination Soups

Register today for this 6-day Health and Wellness Vacation Experience!
(includes Activities, Workshops, Health Consultation, Meals & Accommodations. Does NOT include airfare or travel to and from resort)

To schedule your preferred date please email or call Dr. Latham 

 Email: drarislatham@gmail.com

US Number: +1-424-777-6376

Whatsapp: +507-6551-5252