Learn The Art & Science Of Raw Gourmet Cuisine

DAY 1: 

  • Get a jump start with an exotic juice, a smoothie splash, rich and thick shake, blended salad, heart warming live soup and a 5-course gourmet meal you can recreate at home with ease.

DAY 2: 

  • Get treated to a total juice up! Discover and experience an all-day juice clinic that will empower you to be a juice connoisseur extraordinaire!

DAY 3: 

  • A Grand, 12-Course Sun Day Royal Feast Buffet is the highlight of Day 3. Chef Aris will guide you in creating a spectacular Raw Food Feast. Then you will be dined in the luxury of our dining setting which overlooks the picturesque Turtle Crawl Bay. The colors, flavors, textures and fragrance of your creation will make this culinary adventure experience a beautiful memory to behold forever.

DAY 4: 

The final day of the Sunfired Raw Food Adventure will be dedicated to developing recipes for snack and fun foods, along with meal planning for eating on the go and away from home (including lunch boxes and extended vacation survival packages):

  • Learn new tips and tricks on how to sneak more raw gourmet vegan food onto your loved ones' plates that will be sure to please their palates.

  • Learn Dr. LaTham's secret principles, concepts, skills and techniques to create an infinite array of amazingly delicious raw nut and seed earth milks, cultured foods, sprouted breads, seed cheeses, chips, dressings, dips, wraps, delightful desserts, creative salads, main course dishes, seaweed fusion, power juicing, dehydrated treats, superior food delicacies, etc.

  • Learn how to substitute every ingredient in a recipe and come up with your own creation that will be sure to rival what you may find in some of the world's greatest raw food restaurants.

  • Create delicious original dishes that will make you forget about those old time killer favorites you have grown sick and tired from eating!

  • Learn how to set up a stove-less kitchen, and how to use and care for your appliances and gadgets effectively.

  • Learn how to organize and manage your kitchen like a pro!

  • Learn how to repair your cooked recipes by making more cleaner, appetizing and exciting raw food attractions that may be more socially correct for today's more health conscious diners.

      And more...



Registration Includes:

  1. Hands-on Course Study

  2. 3 Nights Accommodations

  3. All Meals

  4. Lifestyle Poster

  5. Recipe Book

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